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Save Our Groundwater (SOG) is a grassroots, nonprofit citizens’ action group dedicated to advocating that water is a natural resource to be held in the public trust and to be protected now and for the future. You can help to build the movement to protect our water by joining SOG.

SOG hosts periodic educational meetings and events; maintains our website and an email list-serve; provides postcard and phone call updates; sponsors rallies; hosts information tables at community events, and encourages letters to the editor. We work together with state and local governmental officials and policymakers to address the issues related to protecting and conserving groundwater as a public trust.

We formed in August 2001 in response to a large groundwater withdrawal permit application by USA Springs, Inc. The company proposes to build a water bottling plant on a 98-acre parcel of land located in Nottingham and Barrington, NH and pump approximately 310,000 gallons of water per day from the fractured bedrock aquifer to bottle and sell to international markets.  The proposed site is located near two prime wetland ecosystems as well as four spring-fed lakes.

Concerns exist regarding adverse effects for these areas as well as watershed areas for the Lamprey River, Bellamy River and Oyster River, which supply drinking water to ten New Hampshire communities: Northwood, Strafford, Nottingham, Barrington, Durham, Lee, Madbury, Newmarket, Dover and Portsmouth.  Many of the area’s residents and businesses in these communities do not have access to public water systems and depend on wells.  Concerns regarding water quality impact, contamination of the aquifer as well as water depletion have been raised and documented.

SOG’s goal is to safeguard the health and environmental integrity of our communities by actively involving residents to take appropriate action to defeat this proposed water-bottling plant and to protect our groundwater statewide. In New Hampshire, water is a public resource and SOG’s members work to keep it that way.

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