USA Springs, Inc.

The documents on this page relate to the USA Springs, Inc. case in the southern New Hampshire towns of Nottingham and Barrington.

All of the information is public information, which is available under RSA 91-A, the state’s Right To Know law (see


October 10, 2013 NHDES Letter to MyKroWaters, Inc., consultant to USA Springs, Inc. regarding permit renewal (download PDF here)

August 14, 2013 MyKroWaters, Inc./USA Springs, Inc. letter to NHDES-Brandon Kernen regarding requirements to renew large groundwater withdrawal permits (download PDF here)

July 19, 2013 NHDES to MyKroWaters, Inc./USA Springs, Inc. response to June 28, 2013 letter about renewing large groundwater withdrawal permit (download PDF here)

July 18, 2013 Town of Nottingham, Board of Selectmen through Attorney Donovan, send letter to NHDES opposing large groundwater withdrawal permit renewal forĀ  USA Springs, Inc. (download PDF here)

July 15, 2013 Neighborhood Guardians letter to NHDES opposing USA Springs, Inc. request for large groundwater withdrawal permit renewal (download PDF here)

June 28, 2013 MyKroWaters, Inc., on behalf of USA Springs, Inc. writes to the NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) for information about renewing the company’s Large Groundwater Withdrawal Permit scheduled to expire July 1, 2014 (download PDF here)

Additional Resources

NH DES Administrative Order WD 02-31 dated September 30, 2002 (download/view here)

NH DES Large Groundwater Withdrawal Permit #2004-0003 to USA Springs, Inc. expiration date July 1, 2014 (download/view here)