It’s official! Town of Nottingham has acquired former USA Springs, Inc. property by tax deed

The end of the USA Springs, Inc. debacle is in sight! On April 6, 2017, the Town of Nottingham acquired the bankrupt company’s three properties for about $1 million in back taxes and penalties. For an excellent news story about this turn of events, click here. Nottingham held a meeting April 10 to update residents and discuss future plans. Nottingham is seeking proposals for demolishing the steel girders and foundation on the property by May 4th; click here for more info. Congratulations to all who wrote a letter, made a phone call, went to meetings, peacefully demonstrated our First Amendment Rights, gave a talk and so much more over the last 16 years! YOU are the reason this has come to pass.

SOG contacted Chris Sterndale, Nottingham town administrator, about what this means. He noted that “taking property by tax deed is a statutory event” governed by laws that the town must follow. The town may not dispose of the property for up to three years, however during this period taxes and interest penalties continue to accrue. The property has had a history of contamination that must be carefully reviewed to protect the town from liability. And, most importantly, there’s a need to protect the water.

The Nottingham Select Board has a very helpful webpage about the property; click here for updates and documents.