New bankruptcy court documents added to SOG website

We’ve added new documents from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court regarding the former USA Springs, Inc. sale. Go to Get Informed>USA Springs, Inc. or click here to go to our USA Springs info page.

Bankruptcy Court OKs sale of former USA Springs, Inc. property

An excellent article about the 11/15/16 bankruptcy court proceedings about the former USA Springs, Inc. property by reporter Bob Sanders was published in the New Hampshire Business Review. Look for the article below in “In the Media” or click here for the story.

Former owner of USA Springs, Inc. files $2 million purchase counteroffer

In a surprise move, former USA Springs, Inc. owner Francesco Rotondo filed a $2 million counteroffer to buy back the bankrupt company on Friday, November 4, 2016 the last day to file objections with the bankruptcy court. The tangled web of Mr. Rotondo’s finances are better explained in the recent NH Business Review article available here.