Kane Co. changes marketing for USA Springs, Inc. bankruptcy property

The Kane Company in Portsmouth, NH began marketing the USA Springs, Inc. bankruptcy property for sale in 2014 with court approval. Initially, it was promoted as having 189 acres, with “extensive research, engineering and planning”. It described footings and frame for a 176,000SF warehouse with three wells on site. It was priced at $1.95 million.

Then, something changed in late Summer 2014 with the advertising ploys. The latest one, available for download by clicking here, is advertises the property as the former site “to house the USA Springs mineral water extraction and bottling operations.” It goes on to list the state’s 2004 groundwater withdrawal permit and the gallons-per-day for each of the three wells without mentioning that the permit EXPIRED July 1, 2014.

Interestingly, the promotion also does not mention the state’s outstanding Administrative Order WD 02-31, September 30, 2002 (review it here) for USA Springs, Inc.’s major wetlands violations that were never fixed. The violations included about 13,000SF of wetlands dredged and filled without a permit and over 100,000SF of contiguous area disturbed without a site specific permit.

“Divide in Concord” screens at NH Film Festival Oct. 17 & 18

Learn about how Concord, MA citizens are making history again when they voted to ban the sale of single-serve bottled water in their community! Be inspired by what an 84-year old grandmother can organize with her friends! Watch the documentary “Divide in Concord” this Friday 10/17 and Saturday, 10/18 at the NH Film Festival in Portsmouth, NH. Screening place and times are in the Calendar section. Hope to see you there!