NH HB1288 requiring bottled water labels to show source voted inexpedient to legislate

House Bill 1288, sponsored by Charles Weed (District 16, Cheshire) and Douglas Ley (District 9, Cheshire)¬† to require bottled water to show the source of the water on labels, was found ITL- inexpedient to legislate on February 19, 2014 by the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs committee. To read the bill’s docket, click here.

NH House Bill 1608 to ban fracking deemed inexpedient to legislate (ITL)

HB1608 was sponsored by Timothy Horrigan (District 6, Strafford) and Mary Gorman (District 31, Hillsborough) to ban fracking in New Hampshire along with the discharge of fracking wastewater in our state. The House Environment and Agriculture Committee voted the bill ITL- inexpedient to legislate on March 12, 2014. To read the bill’s text and docket, click here.

While New Hampshire currently does not have hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, i.e. fracking, it is quite possible that such operations might take place in New York state. Hydraulic fracturing is a drilling technique using millions of gallons of water mixed with many chemicals to pulverize shale rock for gas. See “In The News” for more articles about fracking or click here.

Private well owner? Time to test your well…

Approximately 40% of New Hampshire residents rely on private wells for drinking water, estimates the NH Department of Environmental Services (DES). For those who do, this means you are the health inspector and maintenance provider for your water system. Protect your health and those you love by sampling your water and testing it at a state-certified lab. Keep¬† your test records and start building the story of your water. If a water bottler should ever turn up in your neighborhood, you’ll have documented proof of how your well functioned before they started pumping. To download DES’ fact sheet on well testing, click here.