2014 NH Legislature bills we’re watching…

SOG is following several bills in the 2014 session of the New Hampshire General Court:

House Bill 1288: This bill would require bottled water labels to indicate the source of water.

Sponsors: Rep. Weed and Rep. Ley

Committee: Commerce and Consumer Affairs

To follow the bill’s status, click:

To read the bill, click:

House Bill 1467: This bill would require DES to terminate certain large groundwater withdrawal permits when required local building permits become null and void. Jim Hadley, of the Neighborhood Guardians, worked on this with Rep. Maureen Mann. It is a version of the bill that he also worked on with Sen. Jack Barnes in 2010 (SB369) based on the Nottingham/Barrington experience of an expired water bottler building permit yet a continuing DES Large Groundwater withdrawal permit.

Sponsors: Rep. Mann; Rep. Danais; Rep. Ebel; Sen. Reagan

Committee: Resources, Recreation and Development

To follow the bill’s status, go to the docket:

To read the bill, go to:

To read Jim Hadley’s Jan. 26, 2014 letter to the House 1467 Subcommittee, click here.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: You are encouraged to communicate with you state legislators and share your point of view on bills. It is also helpful to write to the committee clerk of a bill or directly to committee members with your position on it or suggestions to improve it.

Email letters are acceptable, although not all emails are read in a timely manner. You may want to fax or send a copy as well as email.

A phone call to your legislator is also acceptable, although this provides no written record for the committee.

To find your legislators, click here and enter your town.