NH Water Sustainability Commission seeks public comment

The NH Water Sustainability Commission seeks written public comments and suggestions for how we can sustainably manage our state’s waters through July 31, 2012. The Commission is preparing its final report for release in September 2012. For more information and the public comment form, please visit the┬áCommission’s website,

Bankruptcy court approves postponing USA Springs, Inc. auction to Sept. 28

Following a July 11, 2012 motion to extend deadlines from attorneys for the Delaware corporation USA Springs, Inc., the bankruptcy court ordered the bid deadline and auction extended. The new bid deadline is Friday, September 14 and the new auction date is Friday, September 28, 2012. Parties in the bankruptcy case either approved or had no objection according to the company’s motion. The motion represents that 11 potential bidders have filled out and signed a non-disclosure agreement with the auction administrators Deloitte Corporate Restructuring Group (“Deloitte CRG”) and gained access to a virtual data room about the project.